Here Am I

A person is never too young to begin hearing (discerning) God's call on his or her life. As adults, we must learn to take them seriously, even when it's clear that they don't fully understand what the vocation really means for their lives. WHEN GOD CALLS ... When God calls, that's really cool. It's cool …

The Holy Highway

Life is a pilgrimage. Our pilgrimage takes place out on the Holy Highway (Is 35:8) and includes people from all nations and all cultures. That's one of the really beautiful and (very) cool things about being Catholic! TODAY'S CARTOON ... In this cartoon, we see "Bishop Bob" in a very unexpected role. He is a …

Count Me Out

The research indicates people first encounter vocations at a young age. The lesson should be that it's never too early to encourage a youngster!

Dr. Scott

FAITH HEALING ... or spiritual healing can challenge the faith of even the most ardent believers. That's what we see in this cartoon.

Gouda Nuf!

It all started with a conversation between Herman (the Cathedral mouse) and Bishop Bob. Actually, Herman came to Bishop Bob to complain about Monsignor -- well, never mind. Just read the strips below. We're using these strips to introduce some of the characters in "Catholic Cool", including Bishop Bob, Sr. Charlie, Monsignor, and Herman. You'll …