Tis The Season Almost

While it’s still the “dog days of summer,” especially here in the Deep South, there’s a sense that something “cool” (Catholic Cool) is just around the corner.


Here in the South, we mark the years by football seasons. The teams are back at practice now, and we’re only a couple of weeks away from the kickoff of college football. Yes, we do watch the NFL too, but there’s nothing to compare with a college football game if you grew up in the South!


Many years of living has taught us that, when it’s time for “kickoff,” autumn and Christmas are just around the corner. And that’s the message in today’s “Catholic Cool” cartoon.

It will soon be time to break out the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving DVD. And of course, the Charlie Brown Christmas DVD is never far behind. Though they are getting too old now, in years past, the grandkids would get excited about watching those cartoons with “Opa.”

Here at “The Shabby” (our little farm), we still secretly watch them and enjoy their special meaning each year. And why not! We love cartoons. Charles Schulz was truly the master!


So all this gets “the kids” in “Catholic Cool” thinking about Christmas. What we adults know and understand, however, is that you really can’t get the full, cool factor (don’t try to say that too fast) of Christmas without immersing yourself in the liturgies of the Catholic Church. They go hand in hand!


Catholics really do have it all, especially for the Christmas season.

Of course, we have Thanksgiving like everyone else in America. But then, there’s Advent. It’s four glorious weeks of candle lighting, music, and family time after mass each week. And as we read through the Scriptures in the mass, we find our spirit really getting ready for the big day ahead!

Advent is followed immediately by The Nativity. For non-Catholics, Christmas is but a single day — two if you count Christmas Eve. But oh no! That’s not how it is for us Catholics. On Christmas Day, we’re  just getting started!

There are actually Twelve Days of Christmas. We get that from the Bible. And around our homeplace, the Twelve Days of Christmas is when the gifts and the fun really get started. During the Twelve Days of Christmas, many Catholics give their loved ones a special gift on every one of those special days!

Wow … that’s not very far away! But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.


Take time to enjoy the rest of the summer while you still can. Smell the freshly cut grass. Sip a glass of iced tea while sitting in the shade. Find a barn somewhere and go inside to see what “the critters” have been up to. Take an outdoor shower (if you live on a farm … we do)! Enjoy those fresh fruits and vegetables while they’re still being harvested. And maybe even have one more “mini-vacation” to celebrate the summer time too.

God is so good to us!


So yes! We’re thinking about Jesus and the Catholic Church today. It really is cool to be Catholic, even in the summer during “Ordinary Time”. Being Catholic is definitely Catholic Cool!

In Christ!

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