The Sacraments

This strip takes a look at why Catholics should not “lapse”.


So why shouldn’t a Catholic become a Protestant? Of course, the first question we would ask is, “What do you want to protest?” Check out the root word for Protestant — it is “protest”.


After that, we would say — the SACRAMENTS!

Remember them. All of them. They were given to the Church by Jesus. They’re all documented in the Bible. Most Protestant churches do not have sacraments. A few denominations do, but they only have two or three.

So why would a Catholic walk away from these seven (an important number in the Bible) gifts from Jesus to His family?


That’s what’s behind this cartoon. It’s a reminder that the Catholic Church was started by Jesus. All other churches are man made. They were started by someone else, and most of them were started within the last century or two.

Catholics believe that Jesus keeps His promises. He promised He would build His Church. And He promised He would protect it (Mt 16:18). In the Catholic Church, we’re still doing what Jesus taught the Apostles, and we’re doing it the way He taught them.


Anyway, the idea is kind of funny! It’s pretty cool too! And just like the Catholic Church, it’s Catholic Cool!

In Christ!

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