The Schism Tradition

This cartoon is about “schisms” in the family of God. At the heart of most of these divides is a philosophy of “sola scriptura” (nothing but Scripture).


Proponents of sola scriptura argue that, if something is not in the Bible, it didn’t happen (or it’s not so … or it’s irrelevant). And on the surface, that sounds good. After all, the Bible truly is sacred!

But the philosophy of sola scriptura overlooks a few important concepts. First, the Bible itself tells us that not everything Jesus said or did was in the Bible (Jn 21:25). In fact, it would be impossible for us to have written all that down.

And then, there’s the fact that the Church had no Bible for the first 300 years (approximately) of its existence. The Church survived and even thrived on the teachings of the Apostles. And it is from these teachings that we have what what we know today as  “sacred tradition.”


When we say “tradition,” we’re not talking about “manmade traditions.” The Bible warns against that (Col 2:8), and so does sacred tradtion. We’re talking about the traditions that St. Paul exhorted the Corinthians to hold fast to (1 Cor 11:1-2) in his missions. These are the teachings of the Apostles. And it turns out that you can’t avoid the impact of tradition either.

As Reverend Thomas Teller discovers, he has unwittingly placed a high value on tradition. Unfortunately, the traditions Rev. Thomas Teller has valued over the years have nothing to do with the Apostolic teachings. In fact, they are manmade traditions that have led to dissension and continuous splits in the Protestant Christian world.


Before we expound on the joy of “Catholic Coolness,” we want to be clear that, to the best of our knowledge, there is no Protestant denomination called “Southeastern Baptists.” We made that denomination up (or so we believe) so as not to single out or attack any particular group of believers as we seek to create humor and serve food for thought.


So hold tight to your Catholic faith, folks. We have preserved in Christ what was handed down to us by the Apostles. And their successors continue to this day making decisions and teaching the faithful based on the treasures we received through the Apostles. It’s cool to be Catholic! In fact, it’s so cool, we just call it Catholic Cool!

In Christ.

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