Peace To You

Well, we did it this time. We’re deep in the Bible Belt in the “Catholic Cool” comicstrip, and it’s pretty hard to completely avoid the stereotypes. In this strip, we actually embrace some of those stereotypes.


Meet Reverend Thomas Teller. He’s the ultra-cool, hip Evangelical Protestant preacher. No doubt he’s hoping to be a “megachurch pastor” some day, but that means he has to have a lot of people. What better place for an ambitious Protestant pastor to go to find some new sheep for his flock than the Catholic Church.

So he makes friends with the Bishop hoping the Bishop will share the keys to the Kingdom with him.


In this comicstrip, Preacher Tom calls Bishop Bob to get his praise on. “Glory be! Hallelujah! Praise God! Yes, Lord!” It goes on. But then, Bishop Bob does something strange and completely unexpected from Preacher Tom’s perspective. He wishes Preacher Tom peace. It has a stunning effect.


Yes, this is a stereotype. And yes, we will have more stereotypes too. But here’s the truth behind the cartoon. The Catholic Church was started by Jesus Christ about 2,000 years ago. Jesus is the coolest character who has ever walked the face of the world. And the Catholic Church is cool too — because of Him.

It’s cool to be Catholic! Being Catholic is Catholic Cool!

In Christ!

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