Look Where You Are

Well, we still have not seen Monsignor’s face yet, but he makes his first appearance in this comicstrip. And of course, he’s searching for his nemeses, Herman the Cathedral mouse.


There’s a point to the cartoon, of course. This message should not be lost on Catholics. We have the absolute fullness of the faith in our beautiful, one, holy, apostolic, Catholic Church!

We are the Church started by Jesus. We are the Church Jesus promised to build and protect (Mt 16:18). We are the Church He promised to be with until the end of this age (Mt 28:19-20). We are the Church of the Book of Acts. And we are the Church Jesus used to give the Bible to the world.


Catholics don’t need to look elsewhere for truth. The Catholic Church has the fullness of faith right in front of our eyes (or under our noses, as they say).

What Catholics must do is look for their faith by learning what the Catholic Church really teaches. As a people, we have done a pretty poor job of that over the past 50 years or so. We need to become familiar again with what the Church has taught for 2,000 years. And we ought to know why the Church teaches what it teaches.

We have an awesome and amazing deposit of truth in the Catholic Church. At the center of it all is the real presences of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is with us everyday in the Holy Eucharist.


When you know the truth, you won’t be deceived. You won’t look elsewhere when it’s right in front of you in the Catholic Church. It’s cool to be Catholic. Being Catholic is Catholic Cool!

In Christ!

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