In this comicstrip, we see Bishop Bob paying another visit to the local Catholic bookstore. He’s not very happy about the impact social media is having on people.


So why would Bishop Bob seek the counsel of a nun? Because the nuns who run this bookstore are very savvy with media and technology. They are Paulines. He knows he can get some good feedback from Sr. Charlie.


The underlying thought behind the cartoon is the idea that we really do have a problem with media in our country and around the world. What makes this problem so complex is all the potential good that can come from media and the technology.

In and of itself, media and technology are not bad. But somehow, this good thing has gone in a very dark direction, and the potential impact it could have on society and culture should be of concern to the Church and the world in general.


Blessed Fr. James Alberione started a movement more than a century ago. Today we know it as the Pauline Family. His prophetic vision was that we would need good media in the future to combat bad media. That’s what’s happening right now.

Whether Fr. Alberione had any premonition about social media or not, he definitely was aware that the evil one would recognize the power and sway media could have on people. Fr. Alberione wanted the Church to be in place with “good news” for the world when Satan launched his media attack.


So that’s where we are with this cartoon. It’s very Pauline in its approach to humor and social commentary. It’s also very Catholic. And that makes it very cool from our perspective because it’s cool to be Catholic. Being Catholic is Catholic Cool!

In Christ!

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