Church Problems

In this strip, we deal with a controversial subject. It is the LBGTQ influences in the Church.


To tell the story, we decided to show a phone conversation between Pope Francis and one of his bishops. Of course, the bishop is Bishop Bob.

Pope Francis has singled out Bishop Bob because he shepherds a diocese in the Deep South. The region is often called the Bible Belt because of its strong concentration of evangelical Protestant groups.

The Pope asks Bishop Bob how things are going. Well, of course, Bishop Bob has problems coming from every direction. But rather than complain, he comes up with (what sounds like) a positive thought — we don’t have any problems with LBGTQ activists yet. The bishop has every other problem imaginable, but at least he doesn’t have that problem.


The surprise is the Pope’s response. He can’t make the same claim that Bishop Bob made. He can’t say that he’s doesn’t have these activists present in the Vatican with him.


So what’s behind this strip? What’s the perspective or theme?

We’ve been hearing a lot of criticism lately from other apostolates (not just agnostic media outlets) about Pope Francis. He’s been accused of almost everything imaginable, including being the devil incarnate. We don’t know the truth about any of these allegations, but we do know that we can trust Jesus. And we know that Jesus promises to build and protect His Church (Mt 16:18) and to be with us unto the end of the age (Mt 28:19-20)).

So whether you decide to give our Pope the benefit of the doubt or not (we do give him the benefit of the doubt and pray for him), you should trust in Jesus! We see a broken-heart Pope talking with one of his bishops in this strip. That’s the bottom line.


The Catholic Church has had its problems over the years. And of course, you should expect that since we are the body of Christ. Satan is attacking relentlessly. But for 2,000 years it has stood the test. The Church is really cool. By now, you know, we like to tell folks the Church is Catholic Cool!

In Christ!

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