Redneck Catholic

In this strip, Bishop Bob meets the “Catholic4Rednecks” guy.

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you’re not familiar with “Catholic4Rednecks” yet, click on the link to check out his YouTube channel. Brother John is unashamed to share the Gospel, and he definitely explains the Catholic faith to his friends in the Bible Belt in a way that folks in the South understand!


We’re using this strip to introduce yet another Catholic “personality” into the conversation. We’re also making the connection between him and Bishop Bob.

Catholic4Rednecks” is a full-speed-ahead type of guy with a giant personality. He has a very popular YouTube channel and was pretty much booted off of Facebook for his overt evangelization approach to communication. You can find him today on Instagram too.


In any event, Bishop Bob has mixed feelings. As the bishop of a small diocese completely surrounded by Protestant evangelicals in the heart of the Bible Belt, the bishop already had his hands full. And although he always welcomes committed Catholics to help share the Good News, he seems a bit apprehensive as he meets the “Catholic4Rednecks” guy (Catholics are not traditionally overt with sharing their Catholic faith).

So this strip introduces the “Catholic4Rednecks” guy and signals that readers probably have not seen the last of him on the Catholic Cool! comicstrip.


We love “Catholic4Rednecks” and have enjoyed his videos for a couple of years. We believe “Catholic4Rednecks” is a cool, Catholic media tool. And of course, it’s cool to be Catholic. It’s Catholic Cool!

In Christ!

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