Good, Bad, And Ugly Media

This strip shows an exchange Bishop Bob has with Fr. Mitch Pacwa after visting EWTN TV and radio in Irondale, Alabama. Of course, most of you know that Fr. Mitch is a popular and well-respected priest and show host on EWTN.


Bishop Bob follows up to thank Fr. Mitch for his hospitality. As Bishop Bob writes the message, it is clear that he is becoming increasingly sensitive to the impact that bad and good media have on society. This was an important part of the message Blessed Alberione, the founder of the Pauline Family, had for his life’s work.


By the way, while this comicstrip is fictional, we have had the wonderful opportunity to take a tour of EWTN on our travels down the Catholic Roads in America (Is 35:8). During our tour, which was led by one of the Franciscan brothers, we did meet Fr. Mitch and also attended the shooting of one of his TV shows. So when you visit EWTN, you really do get the chance to have a close up peek under the tent to see how this very good media is being made.


Our request of you as you read this short article is to pay attention to media. Don’t get sucked into all the negativity that goes on each day. See it for what it is — good media and bad media competing for your time and your soul. Choose the good media. Pray for those engaged in good media. And support it financially and with your viewership or listening.


The Catholic Church has a lot of great apostolates deeply engaged in culture through media. That’s one of the many things that makes the Catholic Church so cool. The Church is definitely Catholic Cool!

In Christ!

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