Good News Forever

In this strip, we introduce readers to the Bishop on the road. Many bishops travel a lot. And the really “cool” bishops meet other Catholic “personalities” too.


So in this strip, Bishop Bob finds himself in Irondale, Alabama, at the EWTN studios. He is with Fr. Mitch Pacwa having a conversation about fake news. The humor in this strip does not come from the dialogue, but from the caricatures instead. We have a caricature of Fr. Mitch in this strip.

We will plan to do other strips like this where Bishop Bob meets with well-known Catholic personalities. When we do this kind of strip, we will attempt to make important points through their discussion and rely on the drawings (caricatures) for the smiles and laughs.


There’s a lot of coolness here. Of course, the Catholic personalities, like Fr. Mitch, are really cool. They’re making a difference globally in the Church today. The caricatures add an element of coolness too. But what’s really cool is Catholic itself. It’s cool to be Catholic, folks. It’s Catholic Cool!

In Christ!

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