The End of Evil

Once sin and divisiveness get started, they don’t know where or how to stop. That’s the problem facing Bishop Bob in this strip.


Very recently, Herman was in Bishop Bob’s office introducing him to his “new best friend” Caesar. Caesar had a problem with his gender identity, and he had hoped Bishop Bob could give him some spiritual guidance and direction. Of course, Bishop Bob was willing to assist, but it didn’t take Caesar long to run out the back door of Catholicism to find a Protestant group that would accept his “issue” as something normal and healthy, without sin and taint.


Evil, in general, has no limits except that which the Church puts on it. Evil is never satisfied with what it has. It always wants more — more souls, more suffering, and more sorrow. The point for us to remember as Catholics is that the people are not our enemies. Jesus loves them just as he loves us, and He died for them just as he died for us. So hate the sin, and help the sinner. And even if the sinner doesn’t repent, love that person enough to pray for him or her. Know that they’re never beyond the reach of God.


Catholics aren’t perfect, and they (we) don’t expect others to be perfect either. That’s why Jesus gave us the sacraments — to help us on our journey home to Him. It’s cool to be Catholic. It’s Catholic Cool!

In Christ!

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