Confused Friends

So it’s beginning to look as if Herman might actually have a vocation. At least, he seems to be reflecting the compassion of a mouse who has been called by God.


In this strip, Herman introduces Bishop Bob to a big problem in society today. It’s gender identity and gender confusion. In the midst of the confusion, Herman reveals his compassion. He introduces Caesar as his “new best friend.” He communicates to Bishop Bob Caesar’s need for spiritual guidance. And he admits to his own confusion about his friend’s problem What’s notable is what Herman does not do.


He never condemns his friend. He never deserts his friend. He stands by his friend’s side and respects the human dignity that his friend retains even in the midst of identity confusion. Herman demonstrates love.


Being Catholic is incredibly cool. The Catholic Church does not compromise with sin, but we always uphold their human dignity, even when family and friends experience sin and confusion. It’s cool to be Catholic — Catholic Cool!

In Christ!

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