Cloud Prayer

In this strip, readers meet St. Gertrude the Great as they eavesdrop on a prayer conversation Bishop Bob has with this saint.


This particular St. Gertrude (yes, there is another St. Gertrude) serves as a patron for those in need of protection from mice and other rodents. She is also the patron saint of cats (the Catholics have all the bases covered).


Bishop Bob knows how to get help with his vast duties and responsibilities. He “uploads” his prayer needs to the cloud for additional intercession! The lesson here is that the Kingdom of God is vast. Most Christians already know they can ask their friends to pray for them. But too many Christians lose out on a lot of intercessory support by not calling on the saints in heaven to pray too. Those are the souls who make up that great cloud of witnesses ( Heb 12:1).

And of course, there is the “greatest intercessor” — the one who has always had the ear of Jesus. We’re talking about Mary, the mother of God incarnate (Jn 1:1; 1:14), the Queen of Heaven (Rev 12:1), and the Queen of the Apostles. When Our Lady steps in on your behalf to pray, folks, amazing things happen (Jn 2:1-11)!

God’s kingdom contains awesome aids to help the Church on earth (1 Cor 2:9). They range from the Holy Eucharist and other sacraments to those amazing saints and angels who continuously intercede for us in heaven in the presence of God.


Your faith in the cloud! Who could have known back then when Scripture was being written? The One who inspired Scripture, of course.

The “Great Cloud” of witnesses is an interesting part of the Kingdom of God. We are encouraged by the writer of Hebrews (most likely St. Paul), to press on in our life’s mission and journey, in confident knowledge that we are surrounded by this great cloud. We learn more about it in Revelation when the Apostle St. John sees both angels and saints at the throne of God actively engaged in prayer (Rev 8:4).

It’s surprising, if not shocking, that more Christians would not be calling upon the saints in heaven to pray for them, especially since it’s in the Bible. “Cloud prayer” truly is intercessory prayer at its most powerful!


Anyway, as Catholics, you can call on the saints at any time to intercede for you and for your friends. It is a great encouragement as you go forward in life to know that the Kingdom of God has them there for your benefit.

It’s cool to be Catholic. We like to say it’s “Catholic Cool!”

In Christ!

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