Vocations Are For People

So here’s a conflict developing. Does Herman have a vocation or is something else going on?


This is actually a common occurrence (although we use Gouda to make it interesting … ha). God moves us with pleasure and in passion through the happenstance and circumstance of our lives. It helps us discern vocation. That’s why priests spend so much time in formation. And that’s also why religious orders have novitiates and periods of postulancy. Vocations are serious and important!


Herman seems to understand his unique attributes. He is a Cathedral mouse with access to Gouda (thanks to Monsignor). He loves the Cathedral and the Gouda, and he knows he wants to spend his life like this. Thus, it must be a vocation — or at least, that’s what Herman believes.

Bishop Bob thinks otherwise. One can only wonder what he must’ve thought when Herman declared Gouda to be his “life’s purpose.” That stands in sharp contrast to the very recent conversation Herman had with Bishop Bob about his life’s purpose and mission (go back and read that strip if you missed it).


Anyway, Catholic life is never dull. There’s always something going on. As Fr. Mitch (EWTN) has said on a couple of occasions, the Catholic Church is the only institution in the world that’s larger on the inside than it is on the outside. We’ll never figure it all out because it is being built at the hand of Jesus Christ. But it is definitely cool to be Catholic. It’s Catholic Cool!

In Christ!

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