The Gouda Vocation

In this strip, we see some things start to develop. Previously, they were just “hints” as we introduced the strip and its characters.


First, there’s the topic of vocation. This is very important to the Catholic Church. When Christ breathed on His disciples, he ordained them to unique and special work (Jn 20:21-23). Jesus intentionally established priestly and religious vocations as a way of driving the Church forward.


Then there’s the topic of “Gouda.” Of course, gouda is a way of planting humor, but there’s more to it than chuckles. Gouda is symbolic. It is metaphorical. Gouda is about passion. It’s about pleasure. And it is about purpose.

Herman, the Cathedral Mouse, has a passion for Gouda. There’s no other way of explaining it. He derives his primary pleasure in life from Gouda.

On the other hand, Monsignor, his nemesis, understands that Gouda has a purpose. He is intent on liberating the beloved Cathedral from all rodents and vermin. And he understands that Gouda is great bait for accomplishing that sacred task. (Is there symbolism in this too — you bet!)

Finally, we (the readers) have just come off a conversation between Herman and Bishop Bob about the purpose and mission in life. It’s no coincidence that our Cathedral Mouse is now ready to embrace his own cheesy vocation after reaching the conclusion that his life’s purpose is Gouda.


We’ll close this little conversation by saying that discerning a vocation truly is an incredibly difficult process. The world around us is full of distractions. Our individual lives are filled with competing passions and pleasures. Those who are discerning vocation can be certain, however, that if they trust in Jesus, they will always follow the right path (Is 35:8).

So make your plans and begin taking those first steps. The Bible tells us that, if we commit our steps to the Lord, He will be faithful to guide us along the right path (Prov 16:9). You can trust in Jesus!


In the Catholic Church, Jesus gives us access to the fullness of the faith that was evidenced in the Garden of Eden and first introduced to Abraham a long time ago. Not only do we have Jesus as our Lord, Savior, and Friend, but we also have His blessed mother to watch out for us just as she watched out for Jesus as He was growing up.

We also have that great cloud of witnesses in heaven interceding for us in prayer and urging us forward in faith. And that doesn’t even mention the angels, the sacraments, the Word of God in Scripture, the Sacred Traditions taught by Jesus to His apostles, and all the other amazing things Jesus gave us when He commissioned His disciples to preach the Kingdom of God (Mt 24:14).


It’s cool to be Catholic. And the Church Jesus started and still protects today truly is Catholic Cool!

In Christ!

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