Faith For Dummies

Today’s strip really does have a lot going on in it. Let’s talk about what’s actually happening.


On the surface, it appears as if we’re mocking the monsignor. We did that on purpose. Mockery is easy, cheap humor that’s hard to miss. But this comicstrip is not really about mockery.


The first frame reveals that Bishop Bob is troubled about something. Understanding what troubles him is key to finding the real meaning of this strip. Knowing what troubles the old bishop is also important for recognizing how cool the Catholic Church is. So here’s a clue: it’s not Monsignor that is the source of his troubles.

Monsignors, in general, are trusted and highly respected priests. They get their special title because of the confidence the bishop and the pope have in them. The second frame reveals what’s actually troubling Bishop Bob.

Not only does the bishop have the responsibility of shepherding the local flock, but he also shepherds the priests under his care and supervision. We all know some of the challenges associated with that task. This is intentionally obscured from our audience except those who “dig” beneath the mockery for the truth (or those who come directly to the blog for special insights into Catholic coolness).


The Bible tells us that to whom much is given, much will be expected (Lk 12:48). All Catholics ought to know that much has been given to priests and religious. Much will be expected of them too. Bishop Bob is feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders.


Isn’t it cool to have bishops who care and priests and religious to whom God has given much! Yes, it’s really cool to be Catholic in today’s world. It’s “Catholic Cool“, folks!

In Christ!

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