The Worthy Opposition

The politics of today is terrible. It’s outdone only by a lack of journalism on the part of most major network news outlets. We often compare the current political culture to professional wrestling. With that said, we have a bigger problem.


We are being divided as people and as a nation. We have always had different perspectives in America. And to be sure, we have not always made the right decisions or done the right things. But still, we persevere. As a people, however, we risk losing this when we lose respect for others and for human rights and dignity in general. That’s what’s behind “Bishop Bob’s” prayer in this cartoon.


Oh, yeah! By the way, look up St. Casimir if you’re not certain who he is or what he does in that great cloud of witnesses that intercedes for us at all times. As you meet the saints “in the cloud,” you will begin to understand some of the wonderful things that the Kingdom of God truly entails. And you will grow stronger in your rich, Catholic faith too.

In Christ!


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