What happens when Bishop Bob is assigned to a small diocese in America’s Deep South?

Follow the bishop as he meets Herman (the cathedral mouse), works with Monsignor, and encounters a great cloud of witnesses, media nuns, Rev. Tom (the Protestant preacher), and lots more! There’s never a dull moment when a Catholic bishop serves in the Deep South! But all would agree — it’s cool to be Catholic. “Catholic Cool!”

Meet The Characters

Our Work


At heart, we’re caricaturists, and we always have been. We study people. We focus on “identity.” And we use caricature to teach some important life lessons.


Illustration has been an important part of our work. We really like to draw old buildings and churches. But we also illustrate children’s stories too. Illustration rocks!

Bible Humor

In our parish, we serve as catechists. We teach the Bfaith as a way of passing it on to the next generation. Humor helps people remember a lesson so they can live it later.

About Us

“Catholic Cool” is produced by the Catholic Roads apostolate. You’ll find the theme of the comicstrip right there in the title — it’s cool to be Catholic!

The Catholic Roads team is part of the larger Pauline Family, a group of priests, nuns, and lay people following in the steps of the Apostle St. Paul and using all available media resources to share the love of Jesus Christ with the world.

We’re happy to be part of this global evangelization mission using humor to prod laughter and provoke thought.


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In Christ!

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